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Hair Growth Cycle

The hair follicle is a perfect example of molecular mechanism in the developmental communication between epithelium and mescnchyme. From the initial formation of morphogenesis to a complete developed organ the life cycle of hair follicle is regulated by parlance among mescnchymal and epithelial sections nevertheless this parlance depends on a sensitive balance among inconsistent and/or adverse influence.
In the nature of our body mammals hair follicles is the only organ which maintains a sequence in the growing and falling which differs by respective phases. In our hair growth process we generally have three phases. production starts in anagen phases which in also known as active growth phases and next phase is catagen which is also known as transition phase third phase is telogen which is resting phase products of hair cycle is not continuous but we observe the cyclic process. on average 100 hair follicles randomly may be shed away from our scalp and also growth and shedding may depend upon certain consequences, for example during pregnancy observed more growth rate than shedding. But post delivery we observe shedding of follicles more.
Hair cycle would be also depends on seasonal changes. During the autumn hair would shed more in fact you may observe double the regular shed. while in the summer we observe more growth rate compare to winter.
Anagen phase-growing phase.
Catagen phase-ending of anagen phase.
Telogen-the hair stops growing.

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