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Subcision Procedure For Acne Scar Treatment:


Acne is incredibly typical skin condition which may affect many of us at some stage in our lives. It usually causes as spots, which generally attacks the face, back and chest.

This type of condition usually leaves a scar because of their bursting spots, which left behind as damage to the skin surrounding. Active acne is most difficult to handle which disturbs patients mentally and physically. But acne scaring generally attacks Lesley worsens the condition.

Subcision is also known as subcutaneous incision surgery, within a single sitting patient would see adverse results which are noticeable. This is generally termed as pre-treatment for deep scars which is followed by laser sessions. Combinable gives perfect acne by which skin looks young and glossy.


This process is done at the surface of the skin within the affected area with the help of a hypodermic needle which is inserted by making puncture on the skin surface. This needle is used to detach the fibrotic strands that fasten the scars to the hidden tissue, which leads to the process of healing and arose the formation of new and healthy collagen Further complete cosmetic progress of the scarring.


Subcision involves hardly hour-2hour process, which is further followed by different sessions of peeling, PRP,  laser. Within a gap of 2-3 weeks each session is planned . Whole treatment process takes 3months duration to complete and get optimum results.


After subcision acne, you will be experiencing with slight swelling and discolor, which would be subsided in a couple of days and there is no particular downtime related to this type of treatment to get recover. 

Best Dermatologist in Hyderabad 

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