Laser Hair Removal Treatment
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Many of the peoples dream to be never grew up the hair after shaving, because people are exhausted and irritated with frequent parlor visits and spending heavy amount for plucking, waxing etc.

We generally absorb the growth of hair in younger and adult age for both male and female due to production of new hormones. This underarm hair is also known as Axillary Hair. And also growth of this Axillary hair varies among individual depending on hereditary and other natural factors.

What is the purpose of Armpit?

Armpit hair is generally prone to be bulky and more compare to other body parts. There are no risks (or) effects with this hair, in fact it shows much positive reactions to your body. It reduces abrasion between upper and lower arm and protects area from exposure to other rays. But removing of armpits is necessary now a days.

Is it necessary to remove underarm hair?

Many of the people are getting modernized in aspect of culture and respective taste. They want to change their life style in the name of fashion. Which makes a sense to dressing up. People want to wear sleeveless (or) back less dresses. Which is impossible with shaggy underarms and also continuous usage of deodorants and perfumes. Sometimes leads to fungal infections which leads to removal of armpit hair.

Is there any permanent solution for underarms?

We know that we have to visit the parlors  once in a month for waxing and plucking. Which would be a temporary solution. Hence Laser Hair Removal Treatment gives you the 100% solution to your problem which is permanent.

Laser Hair Removal for underarms?

The utmost fulfilling visible feature of having underarm hair is removal by laser is that you will never need to encounter the displeasure created by using deodorant to shaven skin. You are tend to avoid usage of razors and visit to parlors. Removing hair through laser treatment is comfortable, fast and simple which would take 20 to 30 min.

Is laser treatment will be result oriented?

We can easily say that laser hair removal gives adequate results within n no of sessions. In this process the technician would apply a cold gel to your therapy area by which laser light would penetrate the skin and the laser light is penetrated for particular minutes for the best settings to be used. After each session you need to take 4 to 6 weeks gap and process is done till your growth permanently stopped.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Yes, Laser hair removal is 100% safe. It is done through light energy which is send to targeted area in to the hair follicles and there is no harm to other areas. This process is totally done under the vision of skilled professionals.

Does Laser hair removal have side effects?

There are no side effects for this therapy. There would be small amount of disturbances for the people who have sensitive skin, which would be cleared within 2  to 3 days. Advanced laser technology is totally safe and painless.

Cost of Laser hair removal?

Cost of Laser Hair Removal depends upon the type and size of area, and also the clinics which falls on the type of laser used. At  present in India they charge 2000 to 4000 per session.

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