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Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant Clinic in Hyderabad

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Hair Transplantation Clinic in Hyderabad It is a safe surgical procedure that involves removing hair from the back or sides of the scalp (donor area) and placing them in the bald or thin areas of the scalp. We focus on every aspect of our patient’s hair restoration surgery experience from their first consultation at each follow-up visit. Our sophisticated hair transplant clinic is equipped to treat all types of hair loss, scalp and hair texture problems ranging from androgenetic hair loss and dandruff to psoriasis and alopecia.

Sometimes the donor area of the scalp is not sufficient to provide enough grafts to cover the bald area of the recipient. In the advanced grades of baldness a part of the crown area can be left with the bald area. Also sometimes in the process of progression of the baldness, it extends to the lateral zones with the later recessions. In such situations the area of sparse donors, there are many different sources of body hair. The different sources are from beard, thigh, legs, chest and the last but not the least public also.

Many variations in the quality of hair are seen as finer, coarser, silky, straight, curly and shorter and it depends on the source of the body part from which we get. In fact, the texture, loop, and gauge of the body’s hair are different from the hair of the scalp’s donor. The beard hair is coarser and the curly and chest hair are thin and curly.

From all sources, the hair of the beard forms the bulk of body hair that gives the highest cosmetic impact. The hair of the beard is stronger, longer and with the longest growing phase. Most roots are in anagen growth phase. The speed of beard hair growth is high when compared to other areas. Usually, beard hair is simple grafts rarely 2-3 root grafts found. The hairs of the chest wall are for the most part simple grafts rarely double.

Each part of the body’s hairs has different growth rates and anagen phase periods. Usually, an arm and leg hair stays for a shorter time and very thin in quality and grows up to 2-3 cm in length only. Chest hair made a relatively good cosmetic appearance with a dense packaging. But beard hair is always stronger and curlier. If the hair of the recipient is thin and thin, they give a contrasting appearance. Beard hair is most suitable for people with coarser hair. It gives a good cosmetic effect. The hairs of the beard, mainly bulk form in non-aesthetic areas such as the middle and posterior vertex areas. The anterior areas of the hair and temples need fine hairs like chest hair if needed.

  • The trend of increasing popularity for facial hair restoration is nowadays is on the rise.
  • As facial hair plays a major role in promoting a person and creating an impact.
  • Facial hair includes eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and mustache.
  • We can create all these areas if they are congenitally absent or accidentally lost through a hair transplant. Even the burning scars in these areas on the face can be rebuilt with hair roots.

In general, the quality of hair in the eyebrows for any person is slightly thinner and softer in nature compared to the hair of the scalp. This is why we need to select particular hair areas of the scalp (like supra-auricular) to transplant these areas.

We can create different shapes of beard depending on their face image and desire.